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Bar Harbor Oyster Co – Farm Tour, Tasting, Sunset!

Quick Details

Enjoy a Day at Bar Harbor Oyster Company with the Owners!

Learn the ins and outs of the oyster business with a Bar Harbor Oyster Co. tour of the farm. You will also be guided along the shores by kayak for an immersive experience in Maine.

Here are a few words from the owner on Bar Harbor Oyster Co.:

“My husband and I have always been drawn to the water. In 2014, we found ourselves in distant corners of the planet, wanting to come home. We wanted to keep working on the ocean. We wanted to do something with meaning. We got an idea: oyster farming.

We decided to dive in — literally. We started with a handful of cages, a bag of seed, and a dream to grow. Now, we have a 22-acre lease, hundreds of cages, and millions of oysters growing. It’s small, but we can grow.

Right now, about 90% of the seafood we eat in the U.S. is imported. We can start to change that in Maine. We can adapt and innovate. We can farm and grow more. We can maintain the culture of our working waterfronts while producing the best seafood on the planet.”

By Joanna Fogg
Bar Harbor Oyster Co